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“General health & wellbeing is the benefit most sought-after by consumers, according to research, with 89% saying they would be interested in a food or beverage that delivers a health benefit.”
Nutrition Gets Personal 2019

The CheckYourFood Group is at the forefront of science led nutrition technology, enabling organisations to uncover the true health value of their food & drink to enable powerful changes in how they enhance and promote their food & drink products.

The Platform since being launched has enabled established food organisations such as G’s Fresh, Mindful Chef, WheyHey, Biotiful, the British Growers Association and the Food Foundation to:

  • Unlock the incredible hidden potential in food & drink products 
  • Instantly innovate & inject new life into existing products
  • Create new products that excite and entice
  • Accelerate uptake via the CheckYourFood group channels to a potential 1m + consumers

Unique System Benefits

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  • A great user experience with a magazine style layout
  • Be inspired by the world’s most compelling ingredient database
  • Effortless recipe analysis
  • Save time & money with no cooking necessary for recipe development
  • Discover the most nutrient dense ingredients in seconds
  • Target specific demographics with relevant health claims
  • Easily create allergen free recipes
  • Save time by adapting fully analysed recipes
  • Speed up complex product development by instantly converting your recipes to ingredients
  • Create an exclusive ingredient & recipe database
  • Enhance existing products
  • Identify powerful ingredients
  • Painlessly comply with the regulations

Unique System Features

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  • Fully referenced nutritional science including the best supported EFSA sanctioned health claims
  • Cleansed food composition data for the most accurate and complete nutritional information
  • Daily updating of ingredients, nutrient amounts, cooking methods and health benefits
  • Fully analysed ingredients displayed in seconds
  • High speed Ingredient and recipe analysis
  • Weight change calculations factored in automatically!
  • Immediate display of all available Nutrition and Health claims
  • Nutrition and Health claims displayed per 100g and per single portion
  • Qualifying amounts table showing how close nutrients in a recipe are to compliant claims
  • Full ingredient and recipe filtering including allergen exclusion

Key outcomes

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  • Enhanced consumer awareness of the health value of your food & drink
  • Increased demand for nutrient dense (functional) foods
  • Increased attraction of healthy food purchasing
  • Your products on more tables

Accelerate (access 1 million + foodies!)

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  • Qualify your foods to be featured on, our Universal Health Benefit platform that can connect you with over 1,000,000+ foodies
  • Engage a core audience in the health benefits of your foods
  • Enable a qualified audience to access the potential of your food
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Acccelerate exposure via the respected CheckYourFood channels to consumers (opted in emails, Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, blogging, newsletters, featured articles, featured interviews, food communities and many more…)

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